Welcome to our new product catalogue. We will be using this site as an online portal where reps can showcase our products and for clients to re-visit should they have questions about what they have bought.

This site is aimed at providing transparent, accurate information about Ananzi and its products in the form of pricing, products and contact information.


Google exposure

It is very difficult for one to rank a website on the first two pages of Google.
Utilising their expertise, Ananzi has designed a product to assist your website’s visibility.


Complete Product Offering

Ananzi offers a comprehensive range of online-products not only to provide exposure for your product or service but also to ensure you are exposed to the correct target market



Ananzi's products are competitively priced and affordable, with a range of products to suit your budget.


Contact Us

We will gladly be of assistance to you in any aspect regarding your online-exposure. Please feel free to contact us.


Ananzi exposure

Exposing your product or service on Ananzi to the right target audience relies heavily on keywords relating to your product or service.
There are numerous keyword
products for sale on Ananzi



Exclusively reach 143 000 email users!

This is basically a dedicated mailer that can be branded with your colours, logos and information


Featured Clients

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